"This book has all the basics plus heart. It's sometimes clever, sometimes funny, sometimes touching. Dr. Jordan covers essential topics such as non-judgemental awareness, forgiveness, authenticity, and responsibility. This short, powerful book is practical and inspiring, and dares to talk spiritually about relationships. Anyone who wants to have a thriving relationship should read this book."

-Dr. Jane Myers Drew
Therapist, couples expert,
and author of Where Were You
When I Needed You, Dad?
A Guide for Healing
Your Father Wound


"Relationship School invites you into the world of conscious loving, a world where right and wrong, good and bad fall away. In their place comes the invitation to embrace relationships as an exciting and growth-filled opportunity to know yourself and your beloved. With skillful wisdom and a light heart. Dr. Jordan guides the reader to open to the many dimensions of loving. The biological cultural, emoitional, and spiritual aspects of the relationship journey are all discussed in an easy to understand manner. The excercises offered make Relationship School fun and exceptionally useful for couples just discovering one another as well as for those already deeply committed."

-Dr. Marcie Jenner
Psychotherapist, lecturer, and life-long student of cross-cultural shamanism

 RELATIONSHIP SCHOOL: A Path of Conscious Loving
 by Dr. Richard Jordan

A Powerful Way to Stop Arguments in Seconds

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 A Peaceful Inner Life
 by Dr. Richard Jordan

A Peaceful Inner Life by Dr. Richard Jordan

This CD will guide you along the path to creating inner peace. Includes meditations and progressive relaxation segments that you can use in your daily practice of mindfullness.

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