Copyright 2005 Focus On Relationship ô Richard Jordan, PsyD

Instructions: Answer each item True or False, according to whether each statement is mostly true or mostly false in your relationship as it is currently. If possible, have your relationship partner also complete his or her own form.


Thriving Relationship Survey

T  F 1. We do not talk through our problems. T  F 36. My partner sometimes says I shouldnít feel the way I do.
T  F 2. Our sex life is satisfying. T  F 37. I consider my partner my best friend.
T  F 3. When we talk about our problems or differences, it makes matters worse. T  F 38. My partner sometimes says that his/her problems in life are my fault.
T  F 4. Overall, I am happy with my life right now. T  F 39. My partner has interests or hobbies outside of work and the relationship.
T  F 5. I wish my partner would touch me more. T  F 40. My partner is demanding.
T  F 6. We make good decisions together. T  F 41. I think my partner is sexy.
T  F 7. My partner and I never fight or argue. T  F 42. My partner has a negative attitude most of the time.
T  F 8. We enjoy each otherís company. T  F 43. My partner supports my work.
T  F 9. I think our relationship is boring. T  F 44. My partner tends to hold grudges and hang on to old issues.
T  F 10. We have common values. T  F 45. My partner supports my hobbies and interests.
T  F 11. I have a negative attitude most of the time. T  F 46. I donít trust my partner to tell me the truth.
T  F 12. I am good at getting off my position. T  F 47. My partner shares in at least one of my hobbies or outside interests.
T  F 13. We have major differences, and I feel stuck. T  F 48. My partner takes himself/herself seriously.
T  F 14. I can tell the truth to my partner even when it is difficult. T  F 49. I feel appreciated by my partner.
T  F 15. I donít think this relationship is going to last. T  F 50. Sometimes I feel that I tell my partner something and he/she uses it against me.
T  F 16. I often say and do nice things and express love to my partner. T  F 51. My partner is easy to talk to.
T  F 17. I tend to hold grudges and hang on to old issues. T  F 52. My partner is often late.
T  F 18. I know in the moment when I am feeling sad, angry, or afraid. T  F 53. I feel that my partner listens to me, even when I am upset or angry.
T  F 19. There are things about my partner that really annoy me, and he/she doesnít know it. T  F 54. My partner often leaves things unfinished.
T  F 20. When I am sad, angry or afraid, I usually tell my partner how I am feeling right away, when possible. T  F 55. My partner is good at keeping his or her word.
T  F 21. I regret getting into this relationship. T  F 56. My partner is often impatient with me.
T  F 22. We are able to laugh at ourselves. T  F 57. I feel that my partner is sensitive to my feelings.
T  F 23. I complain about my partner to my friends or family. T  F 58. My partner treats other people better than he/she treats me.
T  F 24. I have interests or hobbies outside of work and the relationship. T  F 59. I feel that my partner cares about my opinion.
T  F 25. I am unhappy about the lack of romance in our relationship. T  F 60. I feel as if my partner always has to be right.
T  F 26. I share my hopes and dreams with my partner. T  F 61. My partner is good at getting off his/her position.
T  F 27. I am afraid of my partner. T  F 62. It feels as if my partner stays angry with me to prove a point.
T  F 28. I often dread or delay coming home, or seeing my partner. T  F 63. My partner is my biggest fan.
T  F 29. I wish my partner would make me feel better. T  F 64. I often do not know what my partner wants or needs from me.
T  F 30. Knowing what I know now, I would choose my partner again today. T  F 65. I think my partner is selfish.
T  F 31. I have secrets I cannot tell my partner. T  F 66. I feel accepted by my partner.
T  F 32. When we argue, we make up within a day or less. T  F 67. My partner brings out the best in me.
T  F 33. I am almost always on-time and I complete things that I start. T  F 68. When I need some space or time alone, my partner gets upset.
T  F 34. I often feel criticized by my partner. T  F 69. I feel loved by my partner even when I am upset or angry.
T  F 35. I genuinely like my partner.